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To say that 2011 has been a roller coaster is an understatement. Hug those that you love. Be a little more kinder. ShareView full post »

(event) Zoe’s First

Here is Zoe in her first birthday celebration. I actually met her and her parents, Lex and Krisel, a few months back forView full post »

Elation, thy name is JB

i may not know a lot of things, but i do know when someone is happy. our final scores: jb 1, rain 0  View full post »

(preview) Zoe

I like magic. More on this soon.View full post »


Because it’s important to find your voice. I previously took a workshop with  Jo Avila – photographer,View full post »

(wedding) Earl and Tintin

Everything has to start somewhere. I met Guj of RedSheep PhotoCinema and Puy*Chie of Really Awesome Weddings a fewView full post »