(wedding) Earl and Tintin

Everything has to start somewhere.

I met Guj of RedSheep PhotoCinema and Puy*Chie of Really Awesome Weddings a few months before this shoot. Having a common friend, I *cajoled* them into letting me join their December engagement session with another awesome couple during the Volkswagen Club’s Car Show in Taguig. It was definitely a very enlightening experience, to say the least. Before meeting them, I was just documenting personal stuff – my travels, my friends, and whatever catches my fancy.

Fast forward to a couple more months and here I am, shooting with them for Earl and Tintin’s big day. Incidentally I believe this is also the first time that Guj delved into delivering a Same-Day-Edit. So in more ways than I can count, this has been a number of firsts.

Here’s something to remember that day.

Lest I forget, see Guj’s SDE here. :)


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